Advocate Bhaktee Deshpande and Associates

Bhaktee Deshpande completed her LL.B. from D.E.S. Law College, Pune. After completion of her graduation she started practicing in Pune District Court. She mainly practices at district level in Pune, Raigad and Mumbai and also a good legal consultant. Bhaktee Deshpande is budding lawyer, with Great Spirit of legal practice. She is one of the hard working and eminent lawyer.

Maintaining Rule of Law i.e. supremacy of law in the society is necessary for smooth and efficient working of the society. We have developed our legal system through ages. Being a Lawyer is not just a profession but it is a social service.

Lawyer has to play crucial role in the society to promote the justice in the society and every lawyer should strive for betterment of the judicial set up in the society. My perspective about this profession is to provide good and genuine service to my clients in their best interest.

I provide the consultation and handle litigation in all civil, criminal and family matters.